World Snooker Coach – Endorsed SA-1 from STR8AIM

PJ is an Irish Professional full-time Snooker Coach, Head of European Billiards & Snooker Association Coaching and IBSF European Head Coach. He received a World Snooker Scholarship to become a World Snooker Coach in 2010.


Hi my name is Vincent Tate the owner and creator of STR8 AIM – SA1.

SA1 was a vision i had 7 years ago, with the help of my brother Lee Tate, STR8 AIM – SA1 was created.

The design has been changed about 5 times since the creation of SA1, and here today we have the ultimate training system to help you Cue STR8 like a pro.

I have been playing pool since the age of 3, my grandfather would put boxes, platforms around the table for me to stand on and play, as the years went on i eventually got hooked on snooker, this is now my current sport – Cue Sports.

SA1 has helped me develop a solid cue action, winning the NZ Masters, National Pairs Champs, North Island Pairs Champs, National RSA Singles Champ, and so many other cue sport events, it is now time to let others experience the feeling of STR8 AIM’s powerful muscle memory training aid – SA1

In the past 2 years i have had no time to practice or play as much as i would love too, SA1 has been a big help for me keeping my cue action in tact, giving me the confidence when ever i entered tournaments.

I firmly believe in SA1, now its time for you to experience the No1 muscle memory training aid in the world – SA1.

STR8 AIM – SA1 is 100% NZ Made.